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Cold Foil

Cold Foil Stamping is an alternative to Hot Foil Stamping, with near hot foil stamp quality, at a lower cost.  This retrofit module prints a special UV curable adhesive using a standard print station.  It then adds the cold foil laminate, cures the UV adhesive, and removes the excess cold foil.  Using a plate roll instead of a heated die, tooling costs and operational complexity are minimized versus the hot foil alternative.

 Configuration Requirements

  1. Includes a module with dual nip rolls
  2. UV Lamp
  3.  Between Print Stations or Print Station & Die Cut
  4.  May be able to reuse existing UV lamp depending on location
  5.  Between print station location requires a small diameter laminator and waste wind up
    Cold Foil provides several benefits to customers.
  1. Reduces Tooling Costs vs. Hot Foil Stamping
  2. Uses Plate Roll instead of heated die
  3. Simpler operation than hot stamping
  4. Near Hot Foil Stamp Quality 
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